What Can CBD do for me?

CBD is widely used for a range of conditions in isolation, and alongside other Cannabinoids (e.g; CBG, CBDA, THC where legal) and is popular in many forms, the most popular being flower, oil, vapes, balms and topical creams. The plant in its natural form produces flowers or buds rich in Cannabinoids, terpenes and naturally occurring essential oils (the good stuff). 

Since the days of Queen Victoria Cannabinoids have served to alleviate pain and help with anxiety, inflammation, and many functions of the human body that rely on hormone and enzyme feedback, which are a lot! This is now known as the Endocannabinoid system, and we have only recently, (since the isolation of CBD in 1963), begun to examine how this powerful set of receptor controlled cell reaction works. Our Endocannabinoid system can be thought of as the human body’s self regulator or thermostat, as well as the naturally occurring Cannabinoids that we all have our ECS is affected by ingestion of Cannabinoids. Due to its organic nature (and human ingenuity in selective breeding) we are in 2022 blessed with a wide range of ways to consume CBD.

Efficacy in the world of Cannabinoids, and in the UK, is on the rise, and we want to help towards this growing acceptance and understanding. There’s a growing body of evidence for the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD and other cannabis compounds, now widely recognised in maintaining energy balance, helping with sleep deprivation, anxiety and PTSD, period pains, chronic pain, psoriasis and more in humans and animals. Many have found relief through using CBD for a host of physiological problems, and even though humans have been consuming it for thousands of years, there is a lack of traditional clinical research due to its relative recent discovery, as well as a history of archaic legislation around the plant which has led to widespread misunderstanding and a deprivation in meaningful research.


How much you absorb will depend upon how you take it, vaping and taking orally under the tongue have the highest rates of uptake. When administered orally or topically it is dependant upon the bioavailability of the Cannabinoid, to be effective they must be in the presence of a carrier oil or lipid, such as natural plant oil or coconut oil.

CBD Dosage depends on many different factors including weight, height, and your reason for consumption. As with anything new start low, go slow, adults usually start with approximately 10-20mg/day, not exceeding 70mg/day.