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Cali Greens - 120mg CBD Amnesia Mango Vape Pod
Cali Greens - 120mg CBD Amnesia Mango Vape Pod

Cali Greens - 120mg CBD Amnesia Mango Vape Pod

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Cali Greens CBD Go is a fully disposable vape device, great for in the house or on the go thanks to it's handy 'fun size' design.

Each pod is filled with 2ml of terpene infused, flavoured, vape juice and 120Mg of 99% CBD Isolate, perfect for all day use as it lacks other Cannabinoids like THC.

CBD Go requires no batteries, charging, oil changing, or any of the hassle that often comes with vaping CBD and it is 100% ready for use the second it arrives through your letterbox.


120mg CBD, PG (70%), VG(30%), Artificial flavourings, Natural plant terpenes.

Our Thoughts:

We have tried and tested this product for flavour, and longevity and it's safe to say we were satisfied with both. All though these factors will ultimately come down to personal preference and how often you use it for each individual, we loved the earthy tropical flavour and we averaged  3-4 Days of vaping (Recommended dosage of 2 -3 puffs every 3-4 hours to maximise use)

 IMPORTANT NOTE: When left between dosing (3-4hours) the pod will cool down & may seem empty, suck gently on the mouth piece to heat up again before enjoying your next hit.